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Stream Emoji Contest - Free Robux

Hello Foolios,

Ya boi is running an exciting contest over in my Discord where you can win some free robux!

The contest involves designing the next new stream emoji for my channel to be used in all the comment sections and even on streams, so what are the prizes and rules?

Prizes are as follows

1st  - Emoji added onto the stream and 1000 Robux

2nd  - 500 Robux

3rd  - 200 Robux

Rules are as follows

1. Your Emoji MUST be: 600 by 600 pixels (if you need to resize your emoji you can do that using this:

2. Your Emoji MUST have some relevance to Seniac (this could be a meme like: Peppa Pig or Thomas the tank engine)

3. Your Emoji Should be in a Digital forum (You can draw in person and take a photo but it is recommend to be made digitally)

4. Your Emoji MUST be Your Own work! (All submissions will be checked though a reverse image search)

5. Your Emoji MUST not be similar to existing emojis! (this is on the stream)

6. Only Submit ONE Emoji (if you wish to change your emoji please open a support ticket in ⁠help and a mod will help you)

7. Have Fun and keep being Foolish!

The contest will finish on Friday 3rd May, and winners will be announced on stream on the 4th May.

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